Thursday, March 09, 2006

Give Me a Horse and a Dirt Road!

Any day! I absolutely detest having to drive into the yuppie, slick suit and tie, cappuccino (pronounced ‘cap’ + ‘puck’ + ‘ino’) world of west Knoxville!

Take today for example. First, I-40 westbound--that illustration of eternal suffering in the nether region--had one lane blocked for the perpetual, keep-the-fat-cat-contractors-in-business road construction. To top off the dung heap with a rotten cherry, a wreck had occurred in the now-left-hand-used-to-be-center lane. Dejavu all over again! The same thing happened yesterday!

Second, on the way back (for you government-school educated folks in Farragut, that’s I-40 eastbound), a semi didn’t think that I was speeding sufficiently (just trying to stay in the traffic flow, folks!), so he tried to climb into the bed of my little pickup! I saw his tactic just in time, so I hit the gas to keep him from eating my bumper. Fortunately, I keep a good distance between the driver in front and me, just for such occurrences. (No, I don’t believe in the NASCAR style of riding someone’s windbreak!)

Give me a good horse on a dirt road any day!

What say you?


MYSTIC said...

I say "that is a lovely road."

M. Fearghail said...

More beautiful, peaceful, and less traveled than I-40!

It's "the [road] less traveled by . . . ."