Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cloth Towel Dispensers

Okay, the Appalachian-Irishman was out trying to make a living today. By the way, was today Tax Freedom Day? You government-educated types didn’t realize that your income through late April goes to Uncle Sam, did you? And, you think that you’re sticking it to ol’ Uncle when he gives you a meager refund? Right!

Anyway, back to the story, I made a pit stop at some convenience store. After addressing Mother Nature’s urgings, I washed my hands. Argh! Another one of those push-the-button-and-stand-there-all-day-long air-drying units!

Do you recall the old cloth towel dispensers from years ago? Pull down on the corners, and a clean section of towel emerges. Wiping your hands, or face, was a snap! Ah, those were the days!

So much was easier back then. Cars had character. Gas was inexpensive, and someone else pumped it. Football players stayed with teams for years. Kids played outside and didn’t get fat. Families stayed together. Neighbors knew each other. Parents, not grand parents, raised their children. Churches were not metal building, mega-marketed monstrosities. Dirt roads led somewhere. Rock was classic, and country didn’t rock. Students used their knives in shop class, and they were spanked by teachers--and parents. Doctors made house calls and didn’t charge an arm and a leg for an office visit. You bought goods at Mom and Pop shops and ate at locally owned restaurants. Carhops wore roller skates. You could pray in school and say “Merry Christmas!”

Yes, I know that some things have improved, but we have lost so much. We need to pull down on the towel and wipe away the bad, while keeping the good.

What say you?

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