Thursday, December 22, 2016


Hike #136 was on Saturday, 3/26/16, three days before my world changed for the bad, when uninsured chicklet failed to yield to my right of way (mentioned in previous post). Instead of hike #150, I took hike #137 today, first time on “my mountain,” since I was hit.

I hiked alone on the two little circle trails at the base of the mountain. One trail is 0.2 miles; the other is 0.35 miles, according to the signs. I hiked on uneven paths, down and up a few dips, and over a few fallen logs. A man has to start somewhere. I cannot yet “mountain goat” up the side of the mountain, but I have taken my first hike. My surgically repaired right knee and foot (which is still swollen and scabbed) took the pounding well enough.

I rejoice that I could take this little hike on “my mountain!” Of course, the rocky bluffs are calling me. How much longer before I answer? In time. Today, the weather was sweatshirt warm and sunny, a little to warm for the time of year. Enjoy the photos.

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