Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Mother’s Day, 5/14/17. Same day as uncle Bobby’s birthday, in 1939. I haven’t me him, yet, as he died in 1941.

I made it up the west bluff, alone as usual, in 37 minutes. Getting over and thru a few downed trees in one spot slowed me down a couple of minutes. Made it faster than I thought, with still damaged right foot and knee. Usual time, on a hot day, is 25 or 26 minutes.

Started the hike at 12:27 PM, by coincidence or providence. 12/27, in 2000, was the day Mom died. My mother-in-law met my Mom, on 4/30/17. My cousin, Retha, met Mom and many others, on 4/27/17. This hike was in their memory and honor.

This was my first hike all the way up the ridge (of course, across and back down), since hike #136, on 3/26/16, the Saturday before, on 3/29/16, I almost got to be with Mom, Dad, my Savior, and so many others, when the uninsured chicklet failed to yield to my right of way.

Every step I take hurts; I take steps. This hike was for you, Mom, mother-in-law, and Retha! Of course, it was for me also. Now that I know I can hike “My Mountain,” even if I’m not yet a “mountain goat,” I, by God’s grace, will keep hiking!